Empty–Riso Comic

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Empty is the story of a zen monk named Tokusan who lived in mid 7th century China. He is a figure who appears many time in the Zen literature, and whose actions have been memorialized in many zen koans. The Mondos and Koans used as reference for the story are listed in the back of the book. The story however, should be considered my own rendition and interpretation of these stories and shouldn’t be used for educational purposes on Zen.

This 24 page was printed using Risograph (wiki) printing methods. It is a saddle stiched 3 color print and measures approximately 4.5″x5.5″. This comic was printed in a limited run with only 243 copies.

I do encourage you to read about Risograph printing in order to gain a greater appreciation for the work that went into the making of this book.

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