Shop for original works by Zack John Lee, including prints, stickers, zines and more! Using a broad range of mediums and subjects to convey stories, ideas and emotions.

Drawing and illustration are my focus, along with storytelling through graphic media like comics. Many of my drawings stick to hard black and white contrasts using pen and ink, but I’m incorporating more watercolor and digital color in my work. Often, the work dictates the medium used, and this changes how the work unfolds. When I start a project I establish some ground rules for its creation.

Drawing and illustration are not all that interest me. I incorporate many art forms including writing, design, technology, installation and more. Where art and technology intersect is of extreme importance to me. As a result, I often use technology in unique and novel ways to provide a new artistic experience. Keep up with My work as it develops by following me on social media. Or contact me directly!

High quality products are of the utmost importance to me. Stickers are printed on highly durable vinyl, so they last even on the most worn surfaces. All my prints come on thick and heavy 100lb card stock for that hand drawn feel. The same dedication I put into my work I put into the packaging of every order. Above all, customer satisfaction is my main goal. This website is the fastest way to shop for original prints, stickers, zines and more.

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